According to a recent survey, it has been learned that the United States of America is the most expensive country for women to give birth. The survey was conducted by ‘The Lancet’, a UK medical journey.

The study indicated that Australia is the second expensive country to carry out a delivery. The researchers considered 14 developed countries, their health standards, and pregnancy expenses before making this conclusion.

In Australia, a normal vaginal birth costs nearly $6700, while in the United States, it is more than $10,200. The cost of a caesarean delivery is $15,500 and 10,500 in the US and Australia respectively.

The journal also stated that most of the high-income nations are adopting various steps to reduce the maternal and neo natal death rates, but the expense for maternity costs are going beyond means, and the medical liability costs are becoming enormous.

“The mortality rate is pretty low, but the real picture is far from perfect”, read the journal.

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The report also added that most of the ladies in developed countries used to deliver in hospitals, no matter they have low risk pregnancy status. It states that hospitals in these countries used to impose caesarean even if the risk of a normal pregnancy is quite less.

The report conveys that surgical interventions are the main reason behind the increased price. And moreover, post delivery expenses will damage the wallet of the people in the most drastic manner.

“In some settings, fear prevails among subsets of women and providers, driving increased and inappropriate intervention”, reported the New Indian express quoting from the published journal.

Even though the costs in these countries are very high, the care they are getting by paying this amount is impeccable.