In the last episode of Udaan, we had seen that Bhaiya Ji gets glad and says that he will now ruin Chakor’s life. He says to everyone that now Chakor has to pay for whatever she had done. Chakor goes to them and they get shocked to see her. Bhaiya Ji asks that why did she come there. Chakor says that she was tensed for Ragini and came to see her. Bhaiya Ji taunts her and says that she must now care for her. Chakor tells that she will send him to jail after getting back from Asian games.

Bhaiya Ji gets angry and then starts laughing. Ranjana thinks on at this and asks him to have patience. Bhaiji tells her that he will not leave Chakor. He calls Lalit and asks him to trap Chakor. Imli was tensed for Vivaan and was searching him everywhere. She asks Bijli and then Girja. They both smile and leave. Imli thinks on and then gets glad when Vivaan come to her and apologize by serving food.

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Imli forgive her and apologize too. She says that they will not fight now. Later Vivaan leaves and Chakor come there. She asks for Suraj to Bijli. Chakor then gets the call from the comity and says to Imli that she have to go to Delhi. Imli ask her to go and wishes her best. Bhaiya Ji was planning against Chakor. In the night Chakor tells Imli that she have to leave. She says that I will not make Suraj awake.

Chakor says that she have to leave and looks on at Suraj. Bhaiya Ji makes a plan to trap Chakor and Suraj. In today’s episode of Udaan, we are going to see that Bhaiya Ji warns Suraj that Chakor’s life is in danger. He tells him that Chakor is going to Delhi and is in danger. Suraj rushes to save Chakor and hangs on the bus. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Udaan like this.