In the last episode of Sath Nibhana Sathiya, we had seen that Gopi see the goon upstairs and gets shocked to see him peeping inside Mona’s room. She gets down and calls Jaggi. The goons try to run away but Jaggi holds him. Gopi ask to call police but the goon put a knife on Gopi’s neck. They all gets shocked and tensed for Gopi then.

On the other side Gaura was checked by the doctor and the doctor tells that she become totally fine. They all gets glad but Chanda gets angry on them. Inside Modi Bhawan, Urmila calls Mona and taunts her. The goon tells that he was not searching for Mona and then run away from there warning them all.

Chanda taunts Gaura and says that her truth will be infront of everyone soon. Gaura beats her and says that she had play a trick on her and now have to suffer for the same. Chanda shouts in pain and ask Gaura to leave her. Gopi gets tensed when Mona tells that Jaggi’s life was in danger as he goes behind the goon. Jaggi then returns and Gopi scolds him for risking his life.

The goon’s boss ask him to get Seeta anyhow and tells that she was in Modi Bhawan but the members lie about her. Gopi goes to Jaggi and laughed seeing him covered with foam. Jaggi says that there is no water in the bathroom. Gopi goes to check. Then Urmila and Mona tells the same. Jai and Veeru gets tensed as the was hidden Seeta in the water tank. Kokila in the jail was upset and prays the God that she wants to die now.

In today’s episode of Sath Nibhana Sathiya, we are going to see that Gopi will notice the tension on Jai and Veeru’s face. She will ask them that what they are thinking and why they are much tensed. Jai and Veeru will tell her about Seeta and will tells that they had hidden her in the water tank. Gopi and everyone will get shocked at this and goes to save Seeta. Jaggi will break the water tank to save Seeta. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Sath Nibhana Sathiya like this.

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