In the last episode Naagin 2, we had seen that Yamini was getting shocked to see Akhilesh real identity and was afraid too. Akhilesh asks her to be silent else he will kill her. Yamini agrees and looks on. Shivangi was in her room and gets sad when Rocky comes to her and shows her the divorce papers. Shivangi thinks on says that she have to hate Rocky. Rocky then was thinking about Shivangi and cut her finger with the knife mistakenly.

Shivangi ask him to be careful but he leaves. Shesha tries to befriend with Shivangi but Shivangi leaves. Shesha goes to talk to Yamini. Yamini tells Shesha that they can now get the Nagmani with Rudra’s help. She asks Shivangi and Rocky to go the temple. Shesha was angry with Yamini and goes to kill her. At that Yamini realizes about another Naagin and goes to Kapalika to find the truth.

Rocky and Shivangi was in the car and gets almost save from an accident. Later they see an injured lady and Rocky takes the lady to the hospital. Shivangi thinks on at this. Yamini and Shesha go to Kapalika and asks her to call second Naagin. Kapalika sends her hawk and her hawk gets Shivangi there. Shivangi turns in all family members to confuse them and escapes.

Shivangi then reaches to Rudra and Rudra gets tensed for her when she gets faint. On the other side, Shesha says that she will kill Shivangi. Yamini stops her and says that they have to find the truth first. Rudra sucks Shivangi’s poison and asks her to go home soon. Shesha and Yamini go to the house and thinks that Shivangi was not that naagin seeing her in the house.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Guruji will tell Shivangi about her skin. He will tell her that her power will be no more if she will not have her skin. Shivangi thinks on. Akhilesh gets a coin and gets to know that how can he detect a naagin by that. Yamini on the other side will get to know that Rudra is a nag. Rocky will blame Shivangi and will ask her that why did she hate his family. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Naagin 2 like this.

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