In the last episode of Kasam Tere Pyar ki, we had seen that Tanuja was crying and asking the goon to let her go. She struggles in the car as the goons try to put chloroform in her mouth. Rishi in his car was thinking about his destiny and then about Tanuja. He says that why did his destiny plays the game with him. He recalls about the death of Tanu and then his meet with Tanuja.

Tanuja was much afraid and shot Rishi’s name. She shouts for Rishi to help him. Rishi listens to Tanuja’s voice in his imagination and opens up his eyes. He then asks the driver that if he also listens to some voice but the driver neglects. The driver also feels something unusual about Rishi. Rishi keeps on listening Tanuja’s voice.

The goons then try to put chloroform on Tanuja’s face and their car passes by Rishi’s car. Rishi sees Tanuja and gets shocked to see her state. He asks the driver to get down and drives the car by himself. He follows Tanuja’s car and then takes his car in front of goon’s car. He asks them to get down and Tanuja gets glad to see Rishi.

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Rishi then beats the goons and hide behind the stone. A goon points the gun at them and asks them to come out. The goon points the gun at Rishi and the bullet was shot. Tanuja shouts and rushes to save Rishi. Rishi gets wounded but beat all the goons. They all fall unconscious and Tanuja gets glad. She caresses him but gets shocked when a goon wakes up and points the gun at Rishi.

In today’s episode of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, Tanuja will try to make Rishi away from the danger and gets in front of him. Rishi will get unconscious and Tanuja asks him to wake up. The goon will point the gun on Rishi and Tanuja will get much shocked. She tries to wake Rishi up and stop the goon for shooting Rishi. Stay tuned with us for more updates and feeds of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki like this.