In the last episode of Ishqbaaz, we had seen that Anika come running in the house and was about, to tell the truth to Pinky, Daksh attacks on her and faints her. He then takes Anika from there and Shivaye looks on. Then the story turns before to Daksh breaking Anika’s phone and Anika slaps him. Daksh gets angry and takes Anika to somewhere in the car. Later on, Daksh comes to meet Pinky and greets them all. He intentionally asks about Anika and Pinky lies to him.

Shivaye was near the car and he feels as something wrong will going to happen. Daksh starts lying to Pinky and they get shocked. Shivaye was about to open the car but get someone’s call. Daksh lies to them and tells that Anika is a cheater. Anika makes herself freed and gets out of the car. Daksh reacts shocked to know that Anika and Shivaye get married. Daksh speaks ill about Anika and Pinky become tensed.

Anika run inside the house and was about to call Pinky but Daksh makes her faint. Pinky tells that Anika will not stay in this house now and Sahil hears them. Daksh then takes Anika from there and Shivaye misses to see them there. Shivaye feels that someone was there but then says that why did he thinking about Anika much. Pinky goes to see Anika. Jhanvi was about to look at the CCTV footage but then hear Priyanka shouting on someone over the call.

ACP ask Priyanka to come and meet him. Jhanvi and Pinky ask her about the matter but she lies and leaves from there. Daksh takes Anika from there and smirks. Shakti ask about Anika and Shivaye says that he don’t know where was she. Shakti asks him to give papers to Anika and tells about the loan she had taken. Shivaye thinks on knowing about this and recalls Soumya asking the servant to send Anika’s tea in her room.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Shivaye will be shocked when he will come to know that Soumya sleeps with Anika in Daksh’s room that night. He then will go to Aika’s house to call her but will get shocked to see the phone broken badly. Later he will get Daksh’s call who will blackmail him and ask him to save Anika if he can. Shivaye will get angry and says that he will save Anika anyhow. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Ishqbaaz like this.

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