In the last episode of Brahamrakshas, we had seen that Raina was finding the sanjeevani in the jungle and Brahamrakshas was following her with Kanakaraj. She goes to a bridge and was about to fall from there but Brahamrakshas pulls her up. She continues walking and looks on. Dadi Bua was sad and tensed for Raina. Dadi Bua then goes to pray for her.

Raina then see the shining tree and says that it was that tree. She enters the tree and Brahamrakshas gets tensed. Raina gets tensed while seeing her father, Nalini and Rishab in danger. The voice makes her confuse and then allows her to take the bottle of Sanjivani from there. Brahamrakshas snatch the bottle from Raina and tries to drink it but fails. Later Raina takes the bottle back and leaves. Mohini takes the bottle and tries to call Brahamrakshas but he didn’t come.

Later on Raina takes the bottle back and goes to check Yug’s mobile. Yug see Raina doing that all and scolds her badly. Mohini and Yug gets angry on Raina and made her fall in pit. They then light up the grass around there but Shivam see them. He make them run away and saves Raina. Later Raina come back to home and ask Mohini to feed Rishab the sanjivani boti. Mohini agrily make him drink that and Rishab gets conscious.

Raina sees Naina’s hand injury when she goes to make the soup. Yug goes to get the bottle but Naina goes there. She feeds the soup to Rishab. Later Mohini come to take the bottle but Raina come there. Yug helps Mohini to escape and Mohini takes the bottle. Raina gets tensed to see the bottle missing and doubts on Naina.

In today’s episode we are going to see that Raina will try tio trap Brahamrakshas and will call him to take the sanjivani. Dadi Bua in the house will tells everyone that they all should be thanks to Raina for making Rishab fine. Rishab and Raina will go to the market and Brahamrakshas will attack on them. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Braharakshas like this.

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