In the last episode of Big Boss 10, we had seen that Salman Khan taking Big Boss contestants class and revealing the gossips which they do behind each other. The show gets much fun and entertainment which a suspense that who will go to nominate this week. The show starts with Salman Khan welcoming everyone and says that he was very excited as he going to reveal they’re true faces.

Salman discusses Bani J and Gaurav Chopra friendship and then about Manu Punjabi and Priyanka Jagga’s gameplay. He then meets the contestants via video conference. He then shares his condolence with Manu Punjabi. He then asks Gaurav about the date reward. Bani says that he might prefer to go with someone else. Swami Om tries to get out of the allegations which Lopamudra put on him. Salman Khan then scolds Swami Om again.

Later Salman asks everyone that who will sit on that devil’s chair. The majority takes Gaurav Chopra’s name. Then Gaurav sits on devil’s chair and Salman asks him that what did he actually did in the nomination task. Gaurav tries to defend himself but the whole house speaks against him and says that he had planned to save himself. Gaurav gets angry at this and was get in arguing with Manveer too.

Later on, Salman shows them the voting for luxury budget and Bani J gets surprised to see Rahul says no for her gym. Later they discuss the captaincy task and Swami Om starts allegation Lopamudra. Salman defends Lopa and says that she had nothing like that. Later then get caller’s call and he asks Swami Om that why did he hide the fruits in the bathroom.

Everyone in the house gets surprised by this and Salman laughs. Later Swami Om gets the hamper and Bani get to see her video message from home. She gets emotional and Salman tells her that she was safe and should play the game well now. Salman takes leave from them and they all talk about Swami Om. Manu and Manveer get the fruits from the bathroom and everyone gets shocked.

After that, Lopamudra gets in an argument with Swami Om. Later Mona cries to know that Manu had sent her to jacuzzi with Gaurav. Manu and Manveer console her and Priyanka does her backbiting.

In today’s episode of Big Boss 10, we are going to see the celebrities of colors will come to entertain everyone and share the stage with Salman Khan. They all will go to the house and the contestants will also have the fun. The suspense from the eviction will also be going to reveal today. So stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Big Boss 10 like this.

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