Yogi Adityanath government after successfully securing investments totalling Rs 4.68 trillion from the private and public sectors at the UP Investors Summit 2018 is now looking forward to target Lucknow as a hub of technology. The government is planning to come up with the largest start-up incubator in Lucknow, said news sources.

Regarding this, Minister of State for Information Technology, Mohsin Raza said that the largest start-up incubator which the government is aiming to set up in Lucknow will not only help the rising entrepreneurs in order to give shape to their business ideas but will also provide support in the field of marketing and mentoring.

Minister of State for Information Technology also added that the facility which is being planned by the government will also give a major push in the creation of jobs and will thereby lead to the development of the city.

Talking about the start-ups, Raza said that more than 5,000 start-ups at present are operating in the country out of which 1,000 are based out of Noida-Greater Noida region. Besides this, the Minister of State for Information Technology also conveyed that IT parks would be developed in Agra, Meerut, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Varanasi and Bareilly among other places.

On the other hand, Additional Secretary to the government, Alok Sinha said that regarding the project of setting up the largest start-up incubator in Lucknow there have been no budget restrictions from the side of government. And the government is looking around for the right partner regarding the successful implementation of the project.

As per the sources, the UP government besides this has previously announced an amount of Rs 10 billion in order to promote start-ups across the state.

Sources also revealed that in order to provide a boost to the project, the government will tie up with reputed institutions in UP such as Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow), Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), and Banaras Hindu University, among others.