In the last episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we had seen that Raman and Ishita talks to the counselor and the counselor tell them that Pihu is in Trauma┬áin which the child store back some memories. Ishita and Raman get tensed by hearing this. Then the counselor ask about the whole situation and Ishita tells him that Pihu gets scared by a story. When Ananya tells them about the story she told Pihu, the counsellor says that Pihu had surely seen someone’s murder.

Ishita and Rama look on at this in shock. On the other side, Ruhi takes Aaliya to let her meet with Suhail. Aaliya gets surprised to see Suhail there and thinks that there is something wrong with Suhail. Pihu was in her room and wakes up by recalling the whole incidence. Ishita tries to console her but Pihu asks them to leave her alone. Simmi and Ananya talks to each other and Simmi tries to console her when she was tensed for Pihu.

Simmi talks about Parmeet and Ananya ask her to come along. Simmi neglects and asks her to go alone. Gau4rav then calls Simmi and apologise for his proposal. Simmi tells about Parmeet and Gaurav gets angry on Ananya. Ishita and Raman see Pihu from a distance when the counsellor talks to her. Counselor tries to get Pihu’s memory back. Ishita felt sad at her situation.

Suhail on the other side gets ready as someone and takes some pics. He gets aimed to ruin Raman’s life and to make Ruhi away from the family. Abhishek calls Ishita and tells about Suhail. Ishita felt tensed for Pihu and Ruhi but Raman console her.

In today’s episode we are going to see that Ananya will tell everyone that her father is coming to meet them all. Raman and everyone will gets shocked at this looks at Simmi. Raman will send Ananya and Pihu from there and scolds Simmi. He will tell her that Ananya can meet Parmeet outside but he can’t come inside. Simmi will get tensed at this. Stay tuned with us for more feeds and gossips of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein like this.