eScan is a security company that provides security solutions to many companies. It has pointed out that MIUI has some serious drawbacks. MIUI is the Operating System of Xiaomi devices. All the Xiaomi phones run Android with MIUI at the top. It has pointed out some flaws in the MI-Mover app and Administrator app. It further says that MIUI system apps are the main cause of vulnerabilities. This means that all the MIUI users in the country are at risk. Here, it is important to tell that Xiaomi has become the second largest smartphone selling company in India. It has about 13% of market share. This means that 13% of smartphone users in the country are at risk.

The security company has issued a warning to MIUI users in the country. The security company says that MIUI has many flaws in its design. One of the main is the MI-Mover app. This application can override the sandbox of all the applications in the Android. This means that the user data and all other things are at risk. The administrator app is also full of problems.

Xiaomi has denied all these allegations. The official sources of the company say that a user can get control over the device if it has unlocked the bootloader. It can happen with the unlocked device of any company. But, we can say that this security concern from eScan will harm the market of Xiaomi to some extent.

India has crossed the US in the number of mobile internet users. It has become the second largest country after China. There are about 420 million internet users in the country.