On 2nd of May, World Asthma Day is celebrated around the world. Awareness programs and seminars are being organized everywhere to educate the people. Pollution is one of the greatest causes of Asthma. India is at the top of the list of the most polluted countries of the world. Earlier, China was at the top.

World Health Organization has made a survey of the 1600 cities of the world. They made a list of more than 25 cities. Surprisingly, 13 of these 25 most polluted cities are in India. Market data also proves the same. It has been observed that the sale of Asthma medicines in the country has shown a 43% increase. This is an alarming situation for Indian people as the percentage is going up every year. The sale of these medicines has increased 15% compared to the last year.

The situation is getting worse. The number of patients without any family history of Asthma is increasing. Another matter of concern is the number of children suffering from this chronic disease. The children in the age group 5-11 years are the most affected. Stats show that about 1.5 million people in the country die of air pollution every year. Nation capital Delhi is also among the most polluted cities in the country. More than 50% of the children in this metro are infected with this disease.

Asthma is an incurable chronic disease. In this disease, the airways inflame and narrow down, and breathing becomes difficult. WHO data shows that India is at the top of the list with more persons dying of respiratory diseases here as compared to other countries. About 15-20 million people in India, are suffering from asthma. Some stats show this number as 30 million. The main reason that increasing number of people are suffering from this disease is the air pollution. The air compositions in Delhi, Patna, Gwalior, and Raipur have the highest quantity of suspended particles, measured PM2.5. We inhale these tiny particles inviting asthma, bronchitis, stroke and different types of heart diseases.

Last year, we also heard of the smog that remained suspended in the air of many Indian cities. It contained PM 2.5 and PM 10 totaling to 999 micrograms of pollutants per cubic meter. The safe limit for these pollutants is 60 to 100 micrograms per cubic meter.