On Friday, A 35-year-old woman was suffocated to death when her husband stuffed her nose and mouth with a strong glutinous. As per our resources, the women Durga Bai was choked to death at her residence in Rajput Colony when her husband ran down in a quarrel with her that made her husband to choke her wife with some strong glutinous adhesive in the absence of his two children.

“The victim suffocated to death after her husband Halkeram Kushwaha stuffed a strong adhesive, which is used for sticking any broken items, in her mouth, nose, and eyes,” said Kotwali police station inspector R N Sharma.

The police department on this said that a complaint has been registered regarding the case against Halkeram Kushwaha and he has been considered as the prime suspect behind this murder scene that took place in Madhya Pradesh on August 3rd.

Our news sources have reported that Halkeram Kushwaha has two sons from his wife. Before the incident took place Kushwaha asked his sons to go outside the house when a quarrel took place between the husband and the wife, he then suffocated his wife to death by inserting glue in her nose, mouth, and eyes. The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh.

Our sources also added that the incident was reported after one of the younger sons on returning home found his mother lying on the ground without any movement in her body which was just more than a hint for the minor boy about the incident.

“The 15-year-old boy lodged a police complaint, following which Halkeram was booked for murder and a search was launched to nab him,” Sharma added.

After the police enquired the boy about his father, the boy told the police that it was not the first time that there was a quarrel between his parents as his father was a drunkard. The boy also said that first there was a quarrel amongst his parents and his father asked him to leave the house and when he returned back he found her mother lied motionless on the ground.

Besides this, the boy also informed the police that his father in earlier days has also tried to poison his mother but she escaped somehow.