As per the reports, Uttar Pradesh is replaced by Haryana in exports. Haryana is amongst the top five state in export, earning $2,401 million in just two months in the starting of the new financial year. The list is topped by Gujarat by around $13,000 million, then by Maharashtra ($12,622 million), followed by Tamil Nadu ($4,858 million) and then Karnataka ($2,566 million).

SC Ralhan President of Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) says “the increase in the export is mainly because of the auto components and automobiles from this state”.

As compared to the 2017-18 year, Haryana’s pie share was 4.37% for exports which has grown to 4.42% in the month of April and May 2018. The figure for 2016-17 was 3.88%.

The major exports from this state include carpets, basmati, handlooms, automobiles, and engineering goods.

Dr. Ajay Sahai, Director General, and CEO of FIEO said, “The increment is majorly due to auto component exports. The investment is flown into ancillary industries, engineering, and automobiles”.

According to the experts, Haryana will soon be in the fourth position in terms of exports as the gap between Haryana and Karnataka is very less. Haryana is progressing in the coming years. As the state was in the sixth position last year and at the seventh in the year 2016. Haryana, however, shares a very far position as compared to Gujarat and Maharashtra in terms of share of India’s exports. Gujarat’s share is 25.4% while Maharashtra’s is 23.23%.

The export share of Uttar Pradesh has reduced down in the last two months and Haryana’s share has been increased which is why it holds the fifth position. The nearest state to Haryana, i.e; Punjab does not even hold the top ten positions in the export trade. It is in the 13th position.

Talking about the GST collection, Haryana holds the fifth position here also after Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat.

“It is the export of manufactured goods and not the services. When goods like manufactured items are exported it provides various benefits, one of them being jobs employment. But when services are exported, for example, software services, there is not much benefit”, one of the state government officials said.