WhatsApp is going to launch a new application ‘WhatsApp Business’ in the near future. The new application is passing through the testing stage. A group of private beta testers is testing the application for its features. One of those testers has revealed all the details about the new features of this application. This would be the first major upgrade after WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook.

Earlier, people were expecting that the company will add some new features in the existing application. This will make it compatible for businesses. But now, all the speculations have ended. The company is going to launch a new version of WhatsApp called ‘WhatsApp Business’. Thus, the users will have to keep two WhatsApp in their devices. The details about this new application are also available on Google Play Store.

The company also claims to have built these features according to customers’ needs. It has also requested the beta testers to share their experiences with this new application. This sharing policy will help the company to improve the application further.

Here, it is pertinent to mention that this application will be available free of cost at first. But, the company intends to charge businesses at some later stage. This is because Facebook intends to earn some money that it had spent while acquiring WhatsApp.

The company has changed the logo of this new business app. Instead of the dialer inside the green box, the new application will have a symbol of ‘B’ to represent it as the business app. The users can register the two apps at the same number also. But, there is an option to register it at some other number in dual SIM device. The title bar also bears the title of ‘WhatsApp Business’.