DEHRADUN: On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his dream was to convert Gujarat into South Korea when he became the first time Chief Minister of the state in 2001.

Prime Minister Modi while inaugurating the Uttarakhand Investors Summit in Dehradun, said, “Our states have more power than many countries in the world. Compared to many small countries, our states have more potential. I still remember when I became the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time on October 7, 2001, I didn’t know what the government is, as I lacked experience. I was completely new. So, one journalist came to me and asked such questions so that I give answers which will not allow my journey (as Chief Minister of Gujarat) to take off.”

He added, “I was asked who I see as my idol for development in Gujarat. Usually, when people are asked this, they say, ‘I want to make it like America or like England.’ But I gave a different answer to him. I said that I want to make it (Gujarat) like South Korea. The journalist didn’t know anything. Later I explained to him that the population of Gujarat and South Korea are similar… I said that I have studied it so precisely that if we move towards that direction then we will not stop.”

Besides this, PM Modi at the summit in Dehradun conveyed that various steps have been taken by the government in order to ease running a business in the country.  The government not only have improved the tax system in the country but several measures have also been taken by the government in order to make the tax system more swift and transparent. With the Bankruptcy Code and Insolvency, doing business in the country has become a lot easier and on the other hand, it has helped in strengthening the banking system as well. Potential, policy and performance, these are the sources of progress, Modi elucidated

Talking about development in the country made by the NDA government and the future plans of the government, Modi said that the centre is planning to modernise 400 railway stations and construct 100 new airports and helipads in the country. This will not only boost tourism but will also favour the economy of the country. At the summit, PM Modi also talked about the “Ayushman Bharat Yojana” and explained how the scheme is beneficial and is offering huge investment opportunities in the medical sector.

At the summit Union Ministers Nitin Gadkari, Piyush Goyal, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, KJ Alphons and CR Chaudhary also participated in the sessions and discussed over different subjects.