On Friday, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu phrased the English language a ‘disease’ left back behind the British, he also pressurized that Hindi was the sign of “socio-political and linguistic agreement” in India.

President M Venkaiah Naidu at an event organized on the occasion of ‘Hindi Divas’ in New Delhi said, “Yeh bimari jo angrezi wala chhod kar gaya is bimari se hamein mukt karna chahiye: (this disease that English left behind, we should rid ourselves of this disease)”.

Naidu said the element of Assembly (which formed the Constitution) had acknowledged Hindi as the official language of the nation in 1949 on 14th of September.

“Have we been able to achieve the desires of the Constituent Assembly?” he asked. Surprisingly the assembly has also accepted English as an official language in the same meeting.

Vice president M Venkaiah Naidu, who generally starts his speeches in the local languages  also emphasized the concern by saying that it is “very important that we promote our mother tongue.”

Naidu also said that the emotion and languages have a direct connection. If you want to connect with people or to understand them, then you have to appropriately express your emotions. The easy way out is to express your feeling in one’s mother tongue, he added. Naidu also said that everybody must have experienced it before and this is the only reason we should always speak in our mother tongue at our homes.

He further said that Hindi was the main language used by the freedom fighters also hence; it was spoken and understands by the majority of the people in the nation.

The Hindi language was the symbol of Social, Political, Religious and semantic unity of the country because of these qualities only it is still preferred among all other languages.

If we want our democracy to carry on to be more strong and progressive than we should use the Hindi language in the operations of union government and the regional languages in the operations of state governments. All the states have put in a lot of efforts for Hindi Language present status across the nation, he said.

Naidu also said that the “Sanskrit is the mother of all languages and there are many regional languages which are very vibrant”.