Reportedly, the US has blamed the Indian IT giants TCS and Infosys for illegally cornering the lion’s share of H-1B visas. These companies are said to have put extra tickets in the lottery system. The US government led by Trump is willing to change this process with a more merit-based system.

As per the reports, few big IT firms have put multiple applications which have flooded the system. In lottery draw system, such methods will have the greater chance of success.

The White House officials said that you may aware of these names very well. The top recipients of H-1B visa apply for more visas than they are entitled to. If they get success in this move, they easily get the Lion’s share in the lottery draw.

Few people have complained that only Indian IT companies are targeted. The White House officials clarified this matter and said these two IT giant along with Cognizant were the 3 top recipients of H-1B visa.

Further, they added that these three firms have a yearly average wage for H-1B visa between USD 65,000 and 60,000. However average wages of a Silicon Valley software employee is about USD 150,000. The contracting companies, who have no skilled workers, often use the employees for the entry-level position.

As of now, none of these three IT firms have made any comment on this matter.

The White House officials further explain that currently these visas are given through lottery draw method. But there are above 80% employees who are paid below the median salary. The firms are bringing these workers to replace the local workers. This is again the violation of labor rule which applies for carrying in skilled workers. Most of the times, these firms bring less skilled and less paid workers and replace the local workers. They are replacing the local workers with relatively unskilled Indian workers and it’s not good for the US workers.

The US wants to change the current method of awarding the visa. They want to replace this with skill-based awarding rather than a lottery draw system. This will make it very hard to use the visa to replace the American employees.

The US said that since you are not bringing the workers who are skilled and are not matching with market wage, so it’s very good way to solve the problem.

Since the inception of the new government, the visa rules are becoming hard for everyone. The new president wants to give more chance to Americans workers.