On Sunday, the Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat denied saying anything about Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s statement that farmers in BJP-ruled states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan were in sufferings.

Mocking Gandhi, the Union Minister of State for Agriculture said, “I do not found it appropriate to comment on the statement of a person who doesn’t know the difference between wheat and paddy crops.”

Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat was replying to a query on Gandhi’s accusation about agrarian pain in several parts of the country.

Mr. Shekhawat told the reporters, “I being a farmer, an agriculturist’s leader and their representative in the Central government. So I know the actual condition of the agricultural sector.”

He further added that for him it would not worth commenting on the statement of a person who even doesn’t know the difference between wheat and paddy crops and someone who does not know the difference between a lamb and the offspring of a goat.

The minister stated that farmers were getting the right price for their products and because of which the agricultural sector has strengthened.

Speaking about the incident took place on 2nd of October regarding the police action on protesting farmers marching towards Delhi, the minister said that the government would fulfil their justifiable demands. He also added that farmers were being “instigated” to obtain for the political benefit considering the upcoming Assembly elections.

The Union Minister also stated that the government was trying to boost the export of soybean and other agricultural products keeping in mind that it will act as an opportunity in the ongoing US-China trade tussle.

Keeping in mind the ongoing war between China-US trades, there is an enormous opportunity for agrarian economies like India. So our government is making efforts to promote the export of agriculture-based products, said Shekhawat. He said that the opposition governments is disloyal to farmers as well as those in the food processing industry.

As a reason for this, dependency on importing the edible oil has been increased. In order to reduce this dependency on edible imports, the government has increased the import duty on edible oil four times. He said that the government has also increased the minimum support price of oilseeds so that farmers get the right price of their produce.