On October 14th, the Union Minister MJ Akbar sent his resignation to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) via an email because of the accusations of sexual harassment against him by a number of women journalists. The report also added that Akbar, who is a junior minister of foreign affairs, has also sought an appointment with Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj as a courtesy call. However, the final decision lies in the hand of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On October 13 a group of journalists held a protest against the issue and expressed unity with the women colleagues who were asking for the proper execution of the prevention of sexual harassment act to make sure that there is decorum at the workplace. The Journalists who were the part of the protest also wanted an immediate action against those facing allegations of sexual misbehavior. They also insisted on the removal of MJ Akbar from the Union Council of Ministers. Akbar was on a foreign tour and returned to the National capitol on 14th October.

Reacting on the news and replying to the questions from reporters at the airport, the Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar said that he would issue a statement later. On 10th October after the allegation against sexual harassment Akbar first surfaced, the opposition Congress party said that Akbar must either give a proper suitable explanation on the allegations or he should resign straight away. The party had also asked for the investigation on his behavior.

When asked about the charges against MJ Akbar from her Ministerial Colleague Sushma Swaraj that if there is an internal inquiry going on against him, she avoided answering anything on the topic.

Whereas the BJP party had not commented anything on the matter so far, but according to some party sources the accusation against Akbar are serious, and his prolongation as a minister is not sure.

Several women had complained about sexual harassment against MJ Akbar when he was a journalist and #MeToo movement has loomed on social media. Many women had confronted by discussing their squalid stories of sexual harassment by leading men in different walks of lives.