Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri blamed the AAP government for stalling the various projects after inaugurating the skywalk project in New Delhi.

Union Minister even accused the Kejriwal-led government for creating hindrance in the execution of several other projects including the Metro Phase-IV.

Mr Puri even inaugurated a foot overbridge at ITO, shared that some people who did nothing in the project tried to take the credit. He even informed about a “false narrative” was being developed around these projects.

The minister even accused the Delhi government of not providing 20 per cent of the project cost and did not provided clearance on the other hand. So his ministry decided to do it on itself.

The skywalk which was inaugurated today has six lifts and will connect Sikandra Road, Mathura Road, Tilak Marg and Bahadurshah Zafar Marg with Pragati Maidan, ITO Metro stations and the Supreme Court. It was funded by the Centre and constructed by Delhi government’s PWD department.

The areas consist of 25 major offices and other institutions so around 30,000 pedestrians cross various roads around ITO Crossing and ‘W’ Point. The new skywalk is constructed with a cost of Rs Rs. 55 crore.

Delhi Public Works Department (PWD) minister Satyendra Jain blamed the Centre government and said that no AAP member was invited for the inauguration of the project.

It even targeted the Centre  government and issued a statement which said, “No amount of tall claims and rhetoric will be able to mislead the people of Delhi, who will finally judge, whether cutting ribbons will be a substitute for hard work.”

It even questioned about the need of the project and said that bureaucratic queries were even raised about the necessity of the project.

However, the Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Manish Sisodia said that its government has provided a share of Rs. 12 crores for the skywalk project.