DAMOH: On Monday, Union Minister Uma Bharti targeted the opposition Congress and launched a blistering attack over its leaders. Uma Bharti said that the party leaders have joined hands with Pakistan in order to defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the upcoming Assembly elections in the Madhya Pradesh.

“When India and Pakistan fought for Bangladesh, at that time being the leader of Opposition, Atal Bihari Vajpayee said in the Parliament that the Jana Sangh stands with (then Prime Minister) Indira Gandhi, Indian armed forces and the government because we have to defeat Pakistan,” Ms Bharti said.

Ms Bharti further added that Congress leaders called the Indian Army Chief ‘gunda’, when India did a surgical strike over Pakistan in response to an attack from the country. After the Surgical strike, leaders from Congress made a visit to the neighboring country and said that they want to defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi. All these things make it crystal clear that Congres has joined hands with Pakistan and they are together making a conspiracy against PM Modi to defeat him, Ms Bharti informed the news reporters.

The statement from the side of Uma Bharti came few days after Punjab Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu said that PM Modi is jealous of him. MR. Siddhu some time back addressed the news reporters and revealed that PM Modi is jealous of him as Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan did not invite him to attend his swearing-in ceremony.

“Prime Minister Modi is jealous of me for obvious reasons. PM Modi did not receive the invitation from Imran Khan to attend his swearing-in ceremony,” said Mr Sidhu here while addressing media persons in Chhattisgarh.