Sakal Maratha Samaj, a sunshade of Maratha groups, called for a ‘bandh’ across Maharashtra, except Navi Mumbai on Thursday. The agitators had sealed roads and meddled traffic. The Maratha community had assured for the peaceful bandh but it had been crushed by the protestors.

The protest had been called against the govt for the demand of 16% quota in the education system and job opportunities. The community had also demanded the release of the protestors who were imprisoned under strong charges during the protest. The protest had been called after the assurance made by the chief minister.

The protestor held a sit-in outside the Nationalist Congress Party Chief’s house in Baramati tehsil of Pune for the demands of reservation. The protestors even had sit-in outside the Mumbai suburban district collector’s office.

The Maratha protestors assailed into I-T offices and threatened the employees. The protestors even pelted stones on offices and asked the employee to shut down the office and leave the premises. The protest was heaved by the violence. The protesters even disturbed the traffics of many regions. The govt had already ordered for the shut down of school and colleges on the day of the bandh in Pune and other areas. Even internet services in Pune was suspended to cut the spread of rumours.

The govt had already alarmed the police and other security force to maintain peace in the state. It had even deployed police and security force at Navi Mumbai though it was not under bandh area.

The Police official informed that two groups of protester had clashed when someone shouted slogan against the Shiv Sena Supremo in Aurangabad district. The Sena District chief objected to it and then two groups got involved in violent activities. The situation was somehow controlled by the deployed Police officers still one person got injured during the clash.

The Chief Minister had already announced that the govt was working in favour of their demand and all the provisions would be made till November of this year.