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Twitter Inc. is going to launch a faster version of the mobile services on Wednesday 7th April 2017. This version is aimed at providing faster connections to the people who have slow connections on their smartphone. This will pick up the customers even in the hardly accessible markets.

The company names this faster version as “Twitter Lite”. It will aim at people mostly outside the region of the United States. Lite usually functions with the help of a web browser. There is no stand-alone mobile application. The usage and appearance of Lite are quite similar to the WhatsApp experience.

The launch of Twitter Lite comes under the similar range of products from the other tech firms of the US. Facebook too had released Facebook Lite in 2015. Last week, YouTube of Alphabet Inc. released a low-data mobile app for India.

Twitter is quite behind the tech companies when it comes to a strong user base. The San Francisco-based company had around 319 million average monthly active users last year. This average was up by 4 percent this year. This is just a fraction of the Facebook’s average of 1.9 billion users.

Twitter’s Vice President of Products Keith Coleman said that the primary reason was the amount of data consumed by the earlier site in some areas. They feel that they are not reaching various areas in a proper manner. This led them to launch faster and cheaper data services.

With the recent changes, the company hopes for better results. They estimate that the mobile users of the app might experience a drop by around 40 percent in the total data consumption.

There is also an extra data-saving mode that will consume 70 percent less data on the phone. This reduction will let the users see the preview of the pictures and not full images.

Twitter Lite will be useful in the countries like Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Philippines.