The Bhartiya Janta Party Telangana showed his concern about the women trafficking in the state and demanded stern step and curb over such unlawful activities.

The  TS BJP unit asked govt to seize the criminals involved in human trafficking and prostitution rings in the capital.

G. Kishan Reddy, President of BJP Telangana said: “It is shameful that even small children are not being spared with gangs kidnapping them and later forcing them into prostitution by injecting hormones”.

“The government has been gloating about the hi-tech policing, She teams and other infrastructure to the police force. Unfortunately, they could not detect the nefarious activities as was discovered in Yadadri recently which is not a recent one and has been going on for years,” he added

The BJP leader shared that culprits involved in such activities were arrested under the Nirbhaya act for women trafficking but due to lack of evidence, they had been released by the police officials. The child kidnapping had raised to 900 in number from different areas of the states. The police and govt showed no sign of success for the rescue operations of missing children.

The girls of small age are kidnapped, they are either sold or forced to get in the prostitution circle. The reports declare that the chain of “anti-social, inhuman” activities are occupying the districts like Warangal, Nizamabad and others. The dealers are purchasing the small girls under the shadow of social service or religious organisation. The small girls are forced to join the prostitution.

The BJP leader shared that girls of the minority community were also trapped by fake promises of marriage to Gulf countries and later they were cheated.

The TS BJP wishes for some stern procedure against the inhuman activities which are taking place under the nose of administration.

BJP is a govt which provides the platform for every individual to share their problems, issues and demands. It considers every individual’s advice and needs.

Child Trafficking is one of the major problem brewing in India. The govt is undertaking several steps to curb the activities but the most important step which an individual can take to stop such activities is through consciousness and strict action. United India against child Trafficking can throw away the demons involved in immoral activities.