US President Donald Trump called his nation as a developing country and urged to stop the subsidies received by growing economies like India and China to develop his own country faster than any other.

Trump said “We have some of these countries that are considered growing economies. Some countries that have not matured enough yet, so we are paying them subsidies. The whole thing is crazy. Like India, like China, like others, we say, ‘oh, they’re growing actually’,”

While addressing a fundraiser event in the Fargo city of North Dakota, he called his country as a developing nation and said that he wants to stop subsidies given to them. He added that they  (other countries which get subsidies) classify themselves under the category developing nation due to which they get subsidies.

He called the whole thing as ‘crazy’ and clarified that he will stop the whole thing.

Trump said “We are a developing nation, too, OK? We are. As far as I’m concerned, we are a developing nation. I want to be put down in that category because we are growing, too. We are going to grow faster than anybody,” while showing the need to stop the subsidy.

Mr President also attacked World Trade Organization for making China a “great economic power”.

He called the WTO as probably the worst of all and said that many people were unaware of the source which allowed China to become this great economic power.

Trump cleared his relation with the President Xi Jinping and called himself his big fan. He said that he was a big fan of the Chinese President and he had specified that they had to be fair. He answered this when asked about the shortfall between the US and China which turned into a tariff war.

He said, “We can’t let China take $500 billion a year out of the United States and rebuild itself.”

Donald Trump also urged that his country should get paid for the job of securing wealthy countries from the outside harm.