Wednesday, July 25, three girls who were of 2, 4 and 8 years were rushed to hospitals and later declared as dead. The postmortem report shared that the girls died because of starvation. They did not have food from last 9- 10 days as no traces of food was found in their body.

These disheartening deaths occurred in Mandawali in east Delhi.

One of the neighbours informed that the family of 5 people which includes, Father Mangal Singh, mother and three daughters moved from Bengal to East Delhi on Saturday.

When inquired about the father, they found that the father was a rickshaw puller and he has been missing for many days. Some of the neighbours informed that he had gone out in search of work. The family even shifted to Delhi in search of work.

Delhi which is known for the job opportunities and new exposures, miserable failed to fill the three small stomach.

Amita Saxena, Medical Superintendent of Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital said that “There was no trace of fat on their bodies. Postmortem showed the stomach was absolutely empty. It’s a case of gross malnutrition”.

The other doctors of the hospital even shared their feeling on this awful incident and said that they had never seen such case ever before.

The mother of the daughters seemed to be disturbed. The forensic team visited the place where the family stayed. They found some medicine bottles and pills for diarrhoea. The two younger daughters had been under the influence of diarrhoea but still, the death of older daughter is still suspense, as she should have been served mid-day meal in school.

The govt has called for an investigation of the case.

BJP’s Delhi chief Manoj Tiwari also shared his word on this aching incident and said that “It is utterly shameful… I don’t want to make it about politics… The centre sends subsidised food; it is the Delhi government’s job to deliver it to citizens”.

The death of three girls in the big city like Delhi has shocked every hearts. The city which has blanketed itself under the shiny and alluring light has dark sides too, which gets in front when time shifts. The death of sisters is the failure of govt and humanity.