Recently, a Supreme Court-nominated expert committee issued an advisory to the state in order to reduce water storage in the Mullaperiyar dam by two to three feet but Tamil Nadu has shown disagreement on the same.

Our news sources have reported that water in the Mullaperiyar dam on Friday reached 141.2 feet which were just a few less than the 142-feet ceiling mandated by an existing SC order.

In order to come up with a solution and to avoid any kind of emergency situation, a meeting was organized in Delhi regarding the matter. The meeting was attended by, Central Water Commission, some senior officials from the Union Water Resources Ministry and Chief Secretaries of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The meeting held in the presence of State water board officials.

“Tamil Nadu was advised to reduce water by 2-3 feet, as a sort of cushion, in case of sudden heavy rains in the coming days and that it was impossible to rapidly release a large amount of water in an emergency. However, more than a scientific requirement, releasing water by a few feet would give psychological relief to Kerala, given that the situation is volatile and misinformation is rife,” said a person at the meeting.

One of the government officials reported our sources that Tamil Nadu had made disagreement on releasing the water as the State is giving a second thought that in future also they may have to release the water from the Mullaperiyar dam if demanded by Kerala.

Besides this, Tamil Nadu officials also said that as the Idukki dam has already released water so more water release from Mullaperiyar dam could add up to worsen the present situation in Kerala.

“Ultimately, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have to abide by the Supreme Court order but Tamil Nadu has said its dissent be recorded,” an official said.