Police arrested the admin of WhatsApp group sharing ‘Anti-national’ messages.

On Wednesday, police arrested a 25-year-old man in Baghpat which was the source of sharing “anti-national messages” over a WhatsApp group. Police have reported that the 25-year-old was the administrator of the WhatsApp group in which “anti-national messages” were being shared. Police registered the FIR against Naeem age 25 after a complaint was filed against […]

WhatsApp India will work with govt to ‘curb’ fake news

It’s been a while since WhatsApp was facing fake messages and news over the messenger platform which resulted in many cases of mob lynching throughout the country. Overlooking the concern and being pressurized to curb sinister and fake messages, WhatsApp on Wednesday announced that the firm will appoint a head of India operations by the […]

“I wish to keep WhatsApp the way it was built to be”: Chris Daniels

Amidst sensitive negotiations with the government on reforming its messaging service, the Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has decided to not give up on the “core” issue of maintaining its encryption standards. Regarding this, the firm will soon announce an India head by the end of this year. WhatsApp is also looking for a “level playing field” […]

WhatsApp will start radio campaign to halt the spread of fake news

Recently, Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has started radio campaign in order to put a command over the fake messages and news. The company has taken the step after being in a controversy with the Indian government over the fake news, said sources. “As a part of the on-going educational campaign by WhatsApp on safety, WhatsApp […]

WhatsApp to consider Hyderabad city as its customer service operations centre

On Thursday, when CEO Chris Daniels, met IT Minister K.T. Rama Rao, he “replied positively” on choosing Hyderabad as its customer service operations center. Besides this, a senior official of the state government that was also present during this meeting stated that WhatsApp will “definitely consider Hyderabad”. CEO Chris Daniel also accompanied by Shivnath Thukral, […]

WhatsApp CEO on hold by IT Minister

Recently, a meeting has been organized by WhatsApp Chief Executive Officer Chris Daniels with the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad this week. The meeting has been conducted after putting all the efforts regarding prevention of fake news and messages over the very popular social platform and messenger app WhatsApp. As per […]