Indian Railways to introduce ‘black box’ for the passenger’s safety and to avoid train accidents

The Indian Railways is planning to come up with the idea of setting black box soon. The main motto of introducing the black box is to ease in finding the root cause of accidents! This is a way by which they can help investigators to identify the reason of accidents and measure crew performance. Indian […]

PM Modi reveals Rs 550 crore worth projects in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Rs 550 crore worth projects in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. At the time of the launch of the projects and providing the worth Rs 550 crore projects as a gift to the city, Modi said that Varanasi is being developed as the “Gateway to East India”. Besides this, PM […]

Google Allo 9.0 preparing to launch its desktop chat client just like WhatsApp

The importance of social media in our life is increasing with every passing day. The social media app developers are updating their existing apps and are also developing new apps to cope with diverse demands of the customers. These developments bring new features to the apps making these more useful. Google is also one of […]

Apple To Develop its Own Custom Power Management Chips for the iPhone

Karsten Iltgen said that Apple would cut back on Dialog’s supply of Power Management Chips (PMIC). Power management chips handle the amount of voltage and how much charge is supposed to go across the components in the device. Apple is establishing their power-management design centers in Munich and California. As per Reports, About 80 engineers […]

Apple to make its own graphics chips for iPhones, cuts ties with Imagination Technologies

Apple has declared that it would stop licensing the technology of the company from the third parties. As a result of this, the shares of the Imagination Technologies that is a British chip designer has dived by as much as 70 percent. The news was declared by Apple today. This happened after the UK-based firm […]

Get Free Reliance Jio Prime Membership on JioMoney App

In order to attract more customers, Mukesh Ambani is rolling out new offers. The MD of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani had made an announcement some time back about the offers from April 1. The offers would begin once the Happy New Year offer ends on March 31. According to the offer, the free offers […]

Retina-imaging Camera Can Replace Irritating Pupil-dilating Eye Drops

In this twenty-first century, the medical science has developed hugely in favor of human wellness. From organ transplant to laboratory made cells, we have witnessed a lot of developments. The latest edition of this list is the infrared camera. So, now a patient does not need any irritating drops for the eye treatment. The researchers […]