‘Life on Mars’ May Not Be Possible Due to Its Toxic Surface

The researchers are constantly studying Mars planet to explore more of it. Different researches on the Martian climate have proved that the life may be possible on this planet. But, a new research on the soil of the Red Planet has killed all the hopes. This new research shows that the soil of the Mars is […]

4 Delhi students win International Mars Art Contest 2017

July 8th is a memorable day for the Indians as four Indian students have got positions in Arts Competition related to the existence of life on Mars. All the four students depicted the first phase of humanity from their first landing to full settlement on the Red Planet. US-based Mars Society International arranged the contest […]

NASA unveils six-wheeled Mars rover with full laboratory and life support systems

The US space agency NASA has finally revealed a new Mars rover concept vehicle. A few days back, this vehicle was spotted at the Kennedy space center visitor complex. This vehicle will serve two purposes: working vehicle and laboratory for future generation space researchers. This vehicle is designed and created by Parker Brothers Concepts. It […]

NASA discovers Earth’s icy twin 13000 light-years away, It’s colder than Pluto

The US space agency NASA has found an icy twin of our planet which has same mass and distance that Earth revolves around the Sun. The scientist said that the chances of life sign are very less as this is too cold. It is said to be even colder than the Pluto. This new planet […]

For the First Time, Scientists Captured Photos of Landslide on a Comet

There is very famous quote: when you really desire something with your bottom of the soul, the entire world unites in helping you to get it.  This is what happened in the early morning with the astronomer Maurizio Pajola. He was staring up for hours through pics taken by the spacecraft ‘Rosetta’, duck- shaped comet. […]