Scientists Identify Mysterious Sea Creature that Washed up on Indonesian Island

Last week, strange news captured the attention of people across the globe. In an Indonesian beach, a local person saw a 50 feet long sea creature lying dead near the shore. This incident took place in Hulung Beach on Seram Island. Asrul Tuanakota was the person who first saw it. Researchers and scientists started various […]

NASA satellite captures mysterious lights flashing from Earth

America, Russia, and China are the countries experimenting in space through their spaceships. NASA is also doing various experiments in space. During their space missions, the scientists come across different strange incidents. There are reports that NASA camera has shown some lights flashing from the Earth. NASA’s high-class cameras have taken hundreds of pictures of […]

NASA discovers Earth’s icy twin 13000 light-years away, It’s colder than Pluto

The US space agency NASA has found an icy twin of our planet which has same mass and distance that Earth revolves around the Sun. The scientist said that the chances of life sign are very less as this is too cold. It is said to be even colder than the Pluto. This new planet […]

The US-Russian Astronauts Landed at International Space Station

Two astronauts from the USA and Russia arrived at international space station after six hours long journey. This Soyuz was launched from the Baikonur, Kazakhstan on April 20. With a rare empty 3rd seat, a Russian Soyuz capsule carried two men Astronauts Jack Fischer, 43-year-old, and 58-year-old Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin. The Soyuz flew at […]

Solar-Powered Device Which Can Draw Water out of Air in Desserts

Many people across the world die every year due to lack of water in drought-affected areas. We often heard stories that the water shortage could be one of the major reason of the world war. Water scarcity has already inflicted disaster on the million lives in the world. Mostly agriculture dependent places face such problems […]

Broken Smartphone Screen Could Repair Itself – New Self-Healing Material Invented by Scientists

In recent times, one of the most common problems faced by all smartphone users that the scratches and cracks on the screen. The screens are prone to scratch and smartphone in spite of having gorilla glass, dragon tail, etc. newer technologies. Dropping your smartphone and cracking the screen can completely ruin your day. However, the […]

Hungry Spiders can theoretically eat all humans on this earth in one year

Can you imagine how much all spiders across this universe can eat in a single year? A lot, as per the scientist who calculated this. Their maths tells that these spiders could eat every person on the earth in a year. This seems really wired, but theoretically, Professor Klaus Birkhofer and Dr. Martin Nyffeler has […]

NASA’s 2021 mission: To measure the emissions from cosmic material

NASA is planning for its new mission, a balloon- based observatory to measure the emissions from the interstellar medium. It’s kind of cosmic material found between the stars. This data report will help scientists to know about the life cycle of interstellar gas in our Milky Way galaxy. They can observe the formation and demolition […]

Scientists Wants to Give Pluto Its Lost Place in the Solar System

A team of six scientists looks to give back Pluto its lost place in the solar system. The planet was declared as a dwarf planet a few years back. The scientists say that Pluto deserves to be called a planet. There are other 110 bodies in the solar system along with Earth’s moon that also […]

Retina-imaging Camera Can Replace Irritating Pupil-dilating Eye Drops

In this twenty-first century, the medical science has developed hugely in favor of human wellness. From organ transplant to laboratory made cells, we have witnessed a lot of developments. The latest edition of this list is the infrared camera. So, now a patient does not need any irritating drops for the eye treatment. The researchers […]