Malayali actor Kollam Thulasi says, women entering the premises of Sabarimala temple should be “torn into two pieces”.

The Malayali actor Kollam Thulasi made an inappropriate statement reflecting his visions and kind of respect he holds for the females. He said that women entering the premises of Sabarimala temple should be “torn into two pieces”. The reel-life actor forgot humanism and said that “Women coming to Sabarimala temple should be ripped into a half,” and […]

Two petitions challenges Court’s verdict on Sabarimala.

Since the Sabarimala verdict has come, there had been unacceptance by the state people including women. Now it is shared that two petitions are filed in the top court challenging the Supreme Court’s order allowing women of all ages inside Kerala’s Sabarimala temple. The verdict which lifted the ban and allowed the entry of women belonging to […]

Protests in Kerala against Sabarimala Verdict.

The Apex Court’s verdict on Sabarimala temple, which vanished the prohibition of females’ entry in the temple belonging to particular age group, had ignited anguish in hundreds of Ayyappa devotees, including women. The devotees blocked state and national highways in various parts of Kerala on Tuesday, reflecting anger on the judgment made by the Supreme court. […]

SC apolishes the prohibition and allows women entry in Sabarimala temple.

The Supreme Court on Friday abolished the provision of Sabarimala temple and allowed women’s entry in Sabarimala temple in Kerala. The Sabarimala temple which houses Lord Ayyappan Girls had a provision which didn’t allow the women of menstruating age, 10-50 years in the premises of the temple. Justice A.M. Khanwilkar said, “Morality cannot be viewed […]