Former IAS officer of the Odisha cadre Aparajita Sarangi joins BJP

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, a former IAS officer of the Odisha cadre, Aparajita Sarangi joined Bhartiya Janta Party in the national capital ahead of the elections. The former IAS officer joined the party in the presence of BJP chief Amit Shah. After Ms Aparajita Sarangi joined the party, she was then introduced to the members […]

Reliance to come up with another ₹3,000 crore fresh investment in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: On Monday, Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani said that the company will soon come up with an investment of ₹3,000 crore in Odisha. Mr Ambani conveyed the information regarding the fresh investment in Bhubaneswar. He also informed that Reliance Industries Ltd has become one of the largest investors in Odisha with a total investment […]

Odisha farmer who hosted BJP chief Amit Shah for lunch last year joined BJD

The Farmer who belongs to Ganjan District of Odisha and has earlier organised a lunch for BJP President Amit Shah in July Last Year is all set to join the ruling party Biju Janata Dal (BJD). The farmer organised a lunch when Shah initiated his Mission 120 Programme. The farmer has been promised that he will […]

Cyclone Titli sucks 24 lives in Odisha

The cyclone Titli sucked the lives of 24 people in the Odisha state. The death toll reached 24 on Sunday. However, the flood situation in the state improved marginally. The landfall of Titli cyclone on Gopalpur in the southwestern part of Odisha state invited intense rainfall in the last three days. It is reported that […]

Cyclone Titli enters Odisha coast with a speed of 140 to 150 kmph

Cyclone Titli enters the coastal Odisha while uprooting trees and electric poles in the state, remarking itself as dangerous and monstrous. Cyclone Titli lands in the beach town of Gopalpur between 4:30 and 5:30 this morning and invited strong winds and heavy rain in the region. The cyclone hits the coast with a speed of 140 to […]

Odisha will face ‘Titli Cyclone’ today.

The Odisha government announced five coastal districts under red alert. The government asked the officials to get prepared for the looming cyclonic danger in the state which might hit today. The Cyclone Titli is presently roaming over the Bay of Bengal which is about 200 km off Gopalpur in Ganjam district. Predictions had been made that it […]

Cyclone ‘Titli’ forwarding towards the Odisha-Andhra Pradesh coast.

The India Meteorological Department informed that the Cyclone ‘Titli’ over the Bay of Bengal had turned into a monstrous severe cyclonic storm on Wednesday, and was stepping towards the Odisha-Andhra Pradesh coast to hit it, inviting heavy rainfall in several parts of Odisha. The deadly storm might have landfall between Gopalpur in Odisha and Kalingapatanam […]

Odisha govt alerts the state to get prepared for looming Cyclones and heavy rainfall

The Odisha government announced alert for cyclones and heavy rainfall in the state and asked the district collectors to remain alert till the situation gets normal, on Monday. IMD made a forecast of looming cyclones and flood in the state. Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) B P Sethi ordered the administration to get prepared and remain alert […]

PM Modi spends a day in Odisha for the inauguration of a fertilizer plant

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi commenced work for the Talcher fertilizer plant in Odisha. He also inaugurated Jharsuguda Airport, the same day in Odisha. Tachler plant will be the first fertilizer plant in India which will use gasification technology. This technology is adopted by the refineries to lower their emissions. Talcher Fertilizers Ltd is […]