At present India has unique employment opportunities: Prime Minister Modi

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the schemes available for loans under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna (PMMY). He said that extraordinary employment opportunities and capitalist chances exist in the nation today. PM Modi addressed the workers of a well known Surat-based diamond processing exporting firm named Hari Krishna Exports, through a video call […]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s healthcare scheme will create 10 lakh jobs in the country

New Delhi: On Tuesday, a government official reported that the healthcare scheme by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will create 10 lakh jobs in the health and insurance sector The official also informed that the ambitious healthcare scheme by PM Modi will not only improve the quality of healthcare in public services but the scheme will favor […]

Temples Will Not Create Future Jobs, Science Will: Sam Pitroda

GANDHINAGAR: On Sunday, while addressing the students at Karnavati University in Gandhinagar, telecom inventor and entrepreneur Sam Pitroda indulged himself in a debate on temples and god. During his speech, he said that Temples and religion won’t come up with jobs in the future as it is the work of science. He further added that […]

Hirings for blue-collar and junior roles about to get better, says Employment Outlook Report

As GDP growth of India is expected to reach on its higher-end and with multinational companies planning to expand their products and services worldwide, there was a report by an employment outlook which says that hirings regarding the blue-collar and junior level jobs are going to get better in the upcoming months. Which will thereby […]