Google exhibits the Indian Railways 165 year journey through its history and heritage

On April 16th 1853, India’s very first passenger train made its first journey from Bombay to Thane, covering a 30 km journey with 400 people. In the past 165 years of the railway journey, the railway network has grown and has become the world’s largest network. It covers 1,51,000 km of tracks and carries around 24 […]

Ministry of Railways and Google launched a project to preserve the cultural heritage of the Indian Railways

On Friday, Google and Ministry of Railways launched a project which aims at preserving the cultural heritage of the Indian Railways. This is a two-year digitization project. ‘The Railways-Lifeline of a Nation’ is a digital document that can be viewed on the website of Google Arts and Culture. It was launched at the National Rail […]

Google Lens coming to more non-Pixel devices soon

Search engine giant Google has stunned the whole world by announcing that Google Lens will hit more devices in coming days. Google has not given the details of compatible devices. It has made clear that many Android and iOS devices will receive Google Lens. Here, it is worth mentioning that Google Lens is an image […]

Google Removed 700,000 Malicious Android Apps from Play Store in 2017

Search Engine Giant Google has announced that it has removed about 700,000 apps from Android play store. Google has identified these malicious apps with the help of machine learning technology. The company had also removed many apps in 2016. But, the percentage of removal of apps in 2017 is 70% greater than the previous year. […]

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Launched: Specifications and Price Details

Google has finally launched the most awaited phones of the year. This may be the last flagship devices launch of 2017. Google’s CEO has announced the launch of Pixel 2 devices along with Google Home Max, Google Mini smart speakers, and Google Pixel Book convertible laptop. These Pixel phones are the second generation devices from […]

Google Launched ‘Tez’ Payment App Based on UPI for India

Google has joined the fleet of digital payments through launching its new app ‘Tez’. Google has based the app on Unified Payments Interface (UPI). The payment app is available both for Android and iOS. The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has developed the app. The app has a user-friendly interface and will make the […]

Reportedly, Google and Xiaomi Working on Android One Device

Xiaomi is one of the most selling brands of China. There are leaked reports that the manufacturer is going to make a joint venture with Google to release a new Android One device. People all across the world have warmly welcomed this news. This is because the mix-up of two giants would bring something new […]

Google has to pay $3 billion to Apple for remain default search engine in iOS

A US based research firm says that Google is going to pay $3 billion to Apple to remain default search engine on iOS devices. The search engine giant is already paying $1 billion since 2014. Google has confirmed in the note to investors that it will increase the amount from $1 billion to $3 billion […]

Google Offers Job to Class 12 Indian Student with Monthly Salary of Rs.12 Lakh

Search Engine giant Google has hired an Indian student at a monthly salary of Rs. 12 lakh. Harshit Sharma is a student of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh. He has passed his 12 class in IT with distinction. He will receive a stipend of about 4 lakh per month for the first year. Team […]

Google Pixel 2 may comes with Snapdragon 836 SoC

Pixel and Pixel XL are the devices launched by Google last year. These devices stood the test of time. Earlier this year, Google announced that the company would continue to launch Pixel phones this year also. Different rumors about these devices are revolving across the world. There are also many users who are waiting for […]