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Thursday, July 16, 2020
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GD Agarwal

After 111 days of fast, Ganga Activist GD Agarwal dies at 87

Being on an indefinite hunger strike since June 22, Activist GD Agarwal dies at 87 after his 111 days of fast in order to...

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Francesca Farago is too sexy in Too Hot to Handle Netflix

Netflix released 'Too Hot to Handle'-- a dating truth show amidst lockdown as well as certainly show came to be immediately prominent as it...

Apple to launch iPhone SE 2 next week: Price, Specs, Design

Apple will launch its most awaited mobile phone, the all-new Apple iPhone SE 2. SE 2 was earlier anticipated to be launched on March...

Researchers find flies having sex fossilised in 41 million old amber

A pair of long-legged flies fulfilled a Romeo-and-Juliet ending some 41 million years ago, when a falling drop of tree resin spoiled their tender...

Astronomers found elusive beast black hole 50,000 times the size on Sun, Watch Video

Astronomers have actually found the best proof for the wrongdoer of a planetary murder: a great void of an evasive class called "intermediate-mass," which...

UK Government’s’ Missteps in Handling the Covid 19 Crisis

Even as the World Health Organization has declared Europe as the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, the UK government does not seem serious...
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