Aliens might wipe out life on Earth with just a message: researchers

After many types of research by an American and a German researcher suggest that aliens’ messages could destroy Earth. They have warned the human beings not to open these messages on the Earth. They do not need battleships. Instead, they can destroy the Earth by sending messages like “we will make your Sun go supernova […]

Artificial Intelligence is a threat to humanity: Stephen Hawking

A famous British Professor Stephen Hawking said that Artificial Intelligence is a threat to humanity on this planet. He says that the Earth is becoming too small for us and humanity are bound to self-destruct. He says that AI will be dominant on the Earth and replace human beings. He supports his argument by saying […]

NASA satellite captures mysterious lights flashing from Earth

America, Russia, and China are the countries experimenting in space through their spaceships. NASA is also doing various experiments in space. During their space missions, the scientists come across different strange incidents. There are reports that NASA camera has shown some lights flashing from the Earth. NASA’s high-class cameras have taken hundreds of pictures of […]

Stephen Hawking’s Warning: Human only have 100 Years to Leave Earth

Since long, we are hearing rumors and stories about the end of human species on the earth. But the explanations given to support such stories were very hard to believe. In the past, we have read dozens of such news, but all these have proved to be wrong. Recently, a well-known physicist, Stephen Hawkins have […]

NASA discovers Earth’s icy twin 13000 light-years away, It’s colder than Pluto

The US space agency NASA has found an icy twin of our planet which has same mass and distance that Earth revolves around the Sun. The scientist said that the chances of life sign are very less as this is too cold. It is said to be even colder than the Pluto. This new planet […]

Cosmic Speck: Cassini has sent the rare image of earth through Saturn’s rings

Cassini spacecraft, which is in its last phase of the journey, is regularly sending rare and amazing pics. NASA has decided to kill this craft due to low fuel and to explore deeper inside the Saturn. Recently it has found the earth as a bright speck between the Saturn’s broad rings. It is ready for […]

Mars lost 100 grams of atmosphere per second, Maven discovered

Mars is not very different from Earth. There was water on Mars in the distant past. There are rocks, volcanoes, sand dunes, dried-up riverbeds, Clouds and icecaps on Mars as on Earth.  The Maven, the spacecraft going around Mars, has found out how the planet lost its atmosphere. Mars is very much smaller than Earth […]

NASA made Stopwatch that Can Measure Billionth Of Second

NASA has invented new stopwatch which can measure a billionth fraction of a second. This cutting-edge watch will help them to record exact height of sea ice, glaciers, forests and other surfaces on this planet. This special stopwatch is made for its ice, cloud and elevation satellite -1 (ICESAT -1). NASA will launch this satellite […]