Reliance Jio to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Called JioCoin: Report

Reliance Jio is planning to launch its cryptocurrency called JioCoin. The company is going to do this after revolutionizing the telecom sector in the country. Reliance Jio is going to do this due to great achievement of cryptocurrencies in 2017. Many cryptocurrencies have touched all-time high values with Bitcoin at the top. Ethereum, Ripple, and LiteCoin […]

Bitcoin Touches $8300, Gained Market Cap to 138 Billion

The digital currency Bitcoin had achieved another landmark when it crossed the $8000 limit on Friday. The currency has also crossed Rs 5,90,000 mark in India. On Tuesday, the currency crossed an all-time high value of $8300. Here, it is quite surprising that the currency had encountered a slump on November 12. This was due […]

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency’s Started to Crash After Chinese Ban on ICO

Bitcoins or Cryptocurrency is passing through a tumult nowadays. This is because China had banned the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The central bank of China has called it illegal to raise funds through ICOs. The Chinese government had imposed a ban on ICOs on Monday. The country has prepared a list of about 60 companies […]

Bitcoin Price Surpasses $3,500 globally and Rs 2,50,000 In India

Recently, Cryptocurrency has stunned the world as Bitcoin crosses the $3500. This is for the first time that this currency has created a fresh record. This will remove the uncertainty about its future and more investors will invest in it. On Tuesday, Bitcoin touched the $3525.04 limit before coming back to $3481. Today, Bitcoin price […]

Bitcoin value raised all time high and crossed $1500 mark, leaves gold behind

Bitcoin is a digital currency used by many countries across the world. The number of its users is increasing with each passing day. On Thursday, its value crossed the $1500 mark, which is ever highest in the history. Besides a little decrease on Friday to $1491, its value remained above $1500 mark till Sunday. Now, […]