You may wonder how cats and dogs running around your house may protect your baby from obesity and allergies. As a study done in Canada shows, an infant born into families with pets have less risk of such diseases.

Anita Kozyrskyj and a team of researchers have done a study on more than 700 Canadian babies. The team has found that the babies who are exposed to pets while in the womb or up to 3 months after birth have a richness of ruminococcus and oscillospira. This higher value of microbes leads to lower risk of obesity and allergies.

Anita says that these 2 types of bacteria doubles when a pet is at home. Further, the team has added that this early exposure to bacteria from pets (e.g. dog) has generated a type of resistance.

The babies in the womb or the new-born babies sometimes indirectly come in touch with these microbes. This suggests that infants can get the benefits of these bacteria even if the pets are removed from the house before they are born.

The further study tells that exposure to pets could lower the risk of group B strep. This can help to prevent the risk of blood infection, pneumonia and meningitis in the infants. Often doctors prefer to give antibiotics to mothers during the delivery time.

We often keep our infants away from the cats and dogs to avoid any infection. These are really surprising facts and some of us may not believe it. However, the study done on 700 children has proved this fact. So, you should not be surprised if you see that the pharma industry is using a dog logo in order to reap the benefits. If we believe on the facts derived from this study, this may help to curb these serious problems in our infants.