A week after testing the huge Falcon Heavy rocket, SpaceX seems all set to launch its internet satellite on Saturday. SpaceX is going to complete the mission that it had announced about three years ago. The sole aim of this launch is to provide the internet facility to all people on the planet. The company has planned to launch 4000 such satellites in the space. These 4000 internet satellites would have the capacity to send internet everywhere on the Earth.

Earlier, there was news that SpaceX would launch this satellite in 2019. But, now the company seems ahead of its schedule and is going to launch the first test satellite on 19th February. Here, it is important to mention that this internet satellite already exists in space. This satellite is flying 20,000 miles above the Earth. The result is the slow speed internet. SpaceX has different plans. It wants its satellite to remain at 750 miles above the Earth and provide lightning fast internet services.

This is because the proximity of this satellite to Earth will increase the bandwidth and result in the high-speed internet. The only problem here is that this satellite will have a shorter range. SpaceX would need more satellites to overcome this problem. Thus, they have plans to launch 4000 internet satellites.

Here, it is worth mentioning that SpaceX is not the only company to launch this service. Samsung, Boeing, OneWeb, and many other companies also have plans to launch internet satellites. SpaceX has the advantage of being a rocket maker. Thus, it is going to beat all other companies in the launch of this satellite.

MicroSat 2a and 2b are the internet satellites that are going to Earth’s orbit. These will test connections with ground stations in various American cities.