New Delhi:  South Korean President Moon Jae-In is on his 4-day visit to India. Initiating the tour with Akshardham temple, he said that though both of the countries have different cultures still common values such as peace, harmony, unity and diversity has been shared by both of them.

Moon Jae-In during his trip to India has been accompanied by his wife Kim Jung-sook and today in the evening both of them arrived at the temple premises and spent almost an hour there. During this, they admired the architecture and keenly listened to the story behind its iconic architecture and design.

Both the president and his wife Kim Jung-sook entered the Akshardham temple through its beautiful Bharat Upwan and were welcomed in an Indian tradition with a tilak and kalwa, accompanied by garland as well.

“I am very delighted to visit this grand temple as part of the first leg of my visit. After, seeing this, the feeling that I get is that India and Korea may be having different cultures, but the two countries share commonalities in values such as peace, harmony and unity in diversity,” Mr Moon said.

According to sources, he wrote in the visitor’s book in Korean, “I pray for peace for Korea, India, and the world at the Akshardham temple where deities reside.”

“The president admired the architecture, and he looked at the detailed carvings on its domed ceilings, pillars and the Gajendra Pithika (‘elephant plinth’) and exclaimed that the work seems ‘beyond human capacity’. He really appreciated the craftsmanship that went into its making,” Sadhu Gnanmunidas, told our sources.

Sadhu Gnanmunidas not only honoured the president by receiving him at the temple’s entrance but also gave him a tour of the temple complex that was built in 2005.  Akshardham temple is one of the most-visited temples in our country and is extremely appreciated by each and every visitor.

As per our sources, President Moon is on a visit to India for 4 days and amidst his visit to India, he has some plans to talk with  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on several issues, regarding the situation on the Korean peninsula and also to discuss and find out ways to boost bilateral trade and defence cooperation.

Besides this today our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in have inaugurated the world’s biggest mobile factory in Noida near Delhi. According to the sources, This unit inaugurated in Noida will hold a capacity to fabricate 120 million phones a year. The category of the phone will range from low-end smartphones to the company’s flagship S9 model. Sources further added that the company will build an average of 10 million phones a month.