Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman cleared that PM Modi did not take the approval from  Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) while announcing for the procurement of 36 Rafale jet in April 2015, as it was the only expression of interest to negotiate the deal for Rafale jet. It was just an expression which does not require any kind of approval.

Ms Sitharan shared this information on Wednesday while defending that no corruption was involved in the deal inked between two government.

She explained that no approval was needed at the expression of interest stage and said  “After 16 hard months of negotiation, a draft is taken to the cabinet, the CCS approves it and post that approval you go ahead to sign with the French, which happened in September 2016. The negotiations over the 16 months included those on price, quantity, any add-ons that you want. We followed the process thoroughly,” making clear that approval was only needed at the time of making an agreement.

She even informed that CCS approved Rs 58,000 crore Rafale deal in August 2016.

Ms Sitharamana crashed on the Congress party and said that the Congress party was not aware of the procedure to be followed even after being in power for almost 30 years. She said that no approval was needed by PM Modi for making the statement which displayed interset for procuring the jets.

She mocked at Congress party and said “I’m sure you know more,”

She even criticized the opposition party which claimed that it made the deal cheaper than the NDA govt and asked did they bought any aircraft? She questioned about the comparison being done for the deal which did not exist and the deal which gifted 36 Rafale jets.

The Rahul-led Congress party has been asking to share the details of the deal and accused the present government of involving graft in the deal. It challenged that the deal under UPA government was much cheaper than the inked under Modi government.

It even asked the government about the CCS approval in the deal before making the statement in April 2015.