On Thursday, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah said he wishes to be the Chief Minister of Karnataka for another term. However, he did not mention when he wants to reign the state.

Siddaramaiah told our reporters, “I thought people will bless me by making me the Chief Minister once again of Karnataka. But my fortune did not behold me and I lost it. In politics winning and losses are not stagnant, it is just like flowing water. Being a Congress leader I worked and helped for the welfare of people, during elections there wasn’t much support by the people. And politics is moreover driven by power and money, which is dangerous for democracy”.

Siddaramaiah referred to floods in Kodagu at the event in Hassan and criticized the government for not informing relief for people and state. The Prime Minister should have visited the state and provided a relief package to the people.

When having an interview with a news channel Siddaramaiah said, I do not want to just run away; therefore I am participating in the elections again for the position of Chief Minister. I have been Chief Minister for past five years and I hope my state people will elect me again. He made the similar statement in 2013 and he changed his mind in 2018.

Revenue Minister R V Deshpande spoke to our sources and said that We want Siddaramaiah to be the Chief Minister again but it is difficult to beat Kumaraswamy. The minister also added that he knows Siddaramaiah for decades now and praised him for the development that the former chief minister offered to the state.

Kumaraswamy also had a word with our sources, listening to all this he said that all of us are making efforts to destabilize the government and it is for sure that there will be a new government in September (this year) and someone is all set to become the chief minister. Though he did not take Siddaramaiah’s name, we know whom he was pointing to.