After the end of Digvijaya ‘Raaj’ over the Madhya Pradesh there came the era of Shiv’Raaj’, with a lot of promises in initial years of the government that were successfully made in the favour of the state. These promises have somehow managed to change the face of Madhya Pradesh.

As per recent reports, there has been an immense growth in the economy of Madhya Pradesh with growth rates almost doubled from around 4% in the period till 2005 to average around 8.7% in CM Chouhan’s first nine years in office and is further continued with double-digit levels in the most recent year.

The efforts made by chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan are not less than any admirable record that he managed to make by changing the face of such a state which was earlier known as one of the ‘Bimaru’ states for a long time. The state before the rule of BJP and under the guidance of Shivraj Chouhan has suffered from a low productive base and poor governance.

Besides providing an enormous economic growth to the state the minister himself hasn’t left any space in terms of creating job opportunities for the rising youths of the state. It seems as if promises made by him earlier have found their places and as a result have given an array of job opportunities to the state.

Since BJP came into power in MP there has been a lot of development in medical institutions and hospitals as well. The government has come up with a number of hospitals in the state which have given a lot of job opportunities not only to the doctors and the higher level staffs but also towards the lower end as well. The Food canteens and the medical shops inside the hospitals have created many job opportunities for even the illiterate as a helping and maintenance staff.

Near about one lakh kilometres of road constructions in Madhya Pradesh by chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan that included state highways, village roads and local roads connecting fields have not only focused development in the state but have also looked upon keeping up the “Promise of 1 Lakh Jobs” plan of Shivraj Singh Chouhan in the state. The constructions of roads and highways in the states came up as an array of job opportunities for not only the skilled like civil engineers but also to the unskilled like labours, helpers, tea vendors and general stores to serve those labours. These road constructions in the state provided ‘Bred Butter’ to the majority of the poor families in the state.

More importantly, the promise of buying crops from farmers at 1.5 times MSP rates (minimum support price) has immensely helped farmers in the state. For example, the government is buying onions at a price of Rs 33 per kg where the average market price is hovering around Rs 18 per kg.

The job opportunities in Shiv’Raaj’ is just not limited to this as big IT names like TCS, Infosys etc are also building grounds in the state which will not only favour the development of the state but will also give a decent platform to the youths of the state.

A maximum of 6 percent population can get government job in a perfect communist state where everything is owned by the government itself. However, India is a socialist economy where the private sector and government sector work together to grow the economy. One cannot ignore the aid given by the government to create jobs in private sector and small scale business.