Studies have revealed that older men who have an active sexual life and enjoy frequent sex are at an elevated risk of having cardiovascular problems as compared to elderly people with inactive or very less sexual activities.

Sex with advancing age could make a man twice likely to suffer from a heart attack but it brings benefits to the elderly woman. It has been revealed in a study, first of its kind that older men could be overexerting to meet the demands of a sexual relationship and putting their cardiovascular system under immense stress.

Hui Liu, ‘Associate professor of sociology’ at Michigan State University and the head of the large-scale study said that satisfying sexual activity everyday poses cardiovascular risks for geriatric men. But regular orgasmic sex protects the aging women from some health problems.

He added that the results of the study ran contrary to the prevalent assumptions that sex brought uniform benefits to both men and females.

The study envisaged analysis of survey data taken on a national scale from 2,204 subjects between the ages of 47 to 85. The results of the study were published in “Journal of Health and Social Behavior.”

The study also revealed that females who experienced orgasms were less likely to develop hypertension as compared to women who could not achieve the peak state.

The study is more significant for women than men because men in all types of relationship receive support from their partner as compared to women. Only those women who are in a good quality relationship are able to accrue to the benefits of their spouse. The female sex hormones which are released during orgasmic state could be beneficial to women.

Liu added that aging men become frail and suffer from sexual inadequacy. They experience more difficulty in achieving climax due to medical or emotional causes and exert themselves to a higher degree of exhaustion and generate more stress on their cardiovascular system to achieve climax. Men having sex once or more in a week are at increased risk of heart and circulatory ailments.