A 32-year-old Security guard shot the wife and son of an additional session judge on Sunday.

Mahipal who joined the Haryana Police in 2007, was disturbed for the past one-and-a-half months and had apologised many times for his ill behaviour. He used to invest  “four to six hours daily” browsing the internet.

Mahipal, a personal security guard of judge Krishna Kant shot the spouse Ritu,38 and son Dhruv, 18 of additional Judge in a market in Gurugram.

Ritu and Dhruv, both were carried to the hospital where Ritu was later declared dead but Dhruv remains critical.

Regional Medical Officer, Pawan Choudhary of Gurgaon Civil Hospital shared about the death of the wife of Judge.

Post Mortem report of Ritu stated that excessive bleeding led to the death of the lady. A panel of three specialist doctors found two gunshot wounds on the right side and in the middle of the chest which caused internal bleeding and ultimately death.

The murder of wife and son by the security guard has shocked the police department. The motive behind this inhumane activity is yet not clear.

The murderer was presented before a local court later in the day and would be under week’s custody for extensive interrogation by Police to establish the reason why he shot the duo.

Sumit Kuhar, Deputy commissioner of police shared that investigators were trying to get the motive by scratching Mahipal’s past life. He even informed that the accused was very active on social media and had two Facebook profile in the name of ‘Mahipalji’.

Medical officer shared about the critical situation of Dhruv, who was shot in the head. He added that Dhruv was brain dead and had been put on life support system.

The deceased who was taken to her native Hisar on Sunday was brought back and kept at a mortuary.

The video which recorded the whole incident showed Mahipal with a gun in his hand. He was even pushing Dhruv inside the car.