In a sudden development, India has decided to ask for a detailed report from French shipbuilder DCNS over the stated leak of documents of Indian Navy’s Scorpene submarine project. According to government sources, the matter is given high importance and is looked into seriously. The news surfaced following the revelation of the sensitive documents by the Australian Media.

The leaked document showcased the technical and stealth capabilities of the $3.5 billion Scorpene submarines project. The submarine was built in joint collaboration with the French shipbuilder DCNS. In the meantime, Defense Minister Manohar Parikar has reacted to the matter swiftly and has sought a detailed report from the Navy Chief.

Responding to media, Parrikar told that he has asked the Navy Chief to study the entire issue. The report should include all the details e.g. the kind of information leaked etc. He also doesn’t rule out the possibility of hacking. Interestingly, he came to know about the issue at about 12 AM and responded immediately.

Over 22000 pages of crucial DCNS data exposed

With around 22400 pages, the leaked DCNS data exposed the details of the secret stealth capabilities of six new Indian submarines. This includes the frequency related information, levels of noise they produce at various speeds, diving depth, range and endurance capabilities etc. In fact, all the leaked documents were highly classified. The officials are stunned as to how the documents were leaked on to a foreign media.

Data reveals exact location

The leaked data clearly reveals the exact place where the submarine crew would be able to speak safely to avoid detection by the enemy. It also discloses a wide range of crucial data such as magnetic, electromagnetic and infrared data including the detailed specifications of the submarine’s torpedo launch and the combat system.

Details of leaked topic with page numbers

  • Underwater sensors – 4457
  • Above-water sensors – 4209
  • Combat management system – 4301
  • Torpedo launch system and specifications – 493
  • Sub’s communications system – 6841 pages
  • Navigation systems – 2138

The document also provides the speed and condition required for using the periscope including noise specifications of the propeller. One can also find radiated noise levels that occur when the submarine re-emerges.