A recent scientific study proves that space aliens may hack our planet. The scientists have issued warnings that the aliens could send such messages from outer space that will worm their ways into human society. The aliens would not steal our passwords but will bring down our culture. The astrophysicists say that our telescopes may pick up those hazardous messages. These messages may be in the form of viruses that may shut down all the computers on this planet. Earlier, the scientists have also warned that these aliens may turn our Sun into Supernova and destroy our earth.

This means that aliens may not prove friendly to human beings. It is hard to understand what we can do to avoid this attack. These extraterrestrials could show their resentment by attacking our systems. They could muster up transmitter power to wipe us. At present, these aliens are 40-60 light years away from our earth. This distance is enough to tell them that the people on earth have personal computers. They may attack the operating system and hack all the systems on the planet.

Their messages may also give us some advance knowledge. But, most of their messages may be destructive. This is because we have not developed any mechanism to sort out these messages. Their messages meant for providing us knowledge may also create trouble. Thus, the scientists are issuing warnings not to open these messages from space. It would be a great danger if these aliens deprived humanity of learning things of its own.

The aliens may wipe human beings with the help of certain codes. Nowadays, these codes have compatibility problems that may prove fatal at any time. These could trick us to make self-replicating nanobots. These could later replace human beings in all aspects.