A new scientific research has proved that dried tree leaves can convert into carbon material. And due to pores in this material, we can use this material to make many high-tech electronic devices. We can make super capacitors from this carbon material. These capacitors will store energy 10-100 times greater than common capacitors. Thus, these can cater high energy needs of many people. This high energy makes it ideal for hybrid vehicles and computer technology.

The scientists have conducted research at Qilu University in China. They have given the detailed steps of this process. This process is very simple but has many steps. They have used the leaves of the Phoenix trees. The process starts with grounding the dried leaves to make a powder. This powder will turn into carbon spheres after heating at 220-degree centigrade for 12 hours. These carbon micro spheres can turn into capacitors after treatment with Potassium Hydroxide at high temperatures.

These capacitors have super porous surface because of this chemical treatment. The end product has a very high surface area due to many pores in it. The high surface area gives it electrical properties. They have published the whole research in Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. The researchers have conducted a series of electrochemical tests to check their potential for storing energy.

These electrochemical tests prove that this material can make good capacitors. Further tests prove that these are super capacitors with 367-gramme capacitance. We can widely use these capacitors as electrical components. These capacitors have three times higher capacitance than graphene super capacitors.

This research on Bio mass will open new horizons of research on such materials. The core of the research will be to convert bio mass into porous carbon material.